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About Kathryn

Meet your neighbor from District 1


Kathryn Potter is a native Illinoisan who moved to Cary to start her family several years ago. Attracted to the vibrant community, the proximity to nature, and strong performance of our schools, she immediately fell in love with the area where she could enjoy her interests which include bargain hunting, DIY projects, hiking, cooking, and gardening.

A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Kathryn studied Sociology and excelled with interpersonal communication and being objective. She put her studies to good use helping small businesses in Chicago compete and grow in a competitive retail market. She has also managed complex contract and logistics matters for international business concerns and helped companies maintain legal and regulatory compliance through best practice management.

Kathryn found her calling while working with physically and developmentally disabled adults, providing them with job market and life-skills training. She worked vigorously to provide direct instruction tailored to each individuals various level of ability, while advocating and coordinating with others to maintain services and ensure progress. Without the program, clients served would be without a path toward job placement and their families would struggle with having to juggle the duties of providing constant care for their loved ones and earning a living wage.

This experience serving others helped shape Kathryn’s strong desire to protect our most vulnerable for the betterment of our society. She also believes that, more than just earning a paycheck, the chance at employment is a means of preserving the dignity of others. Kathryn is married to her college sweetheart and they have one son together. She is a dedicated mom and community volunteer, helping pass along her passion for environmental conservation and creating a responsible, sustainable food supply chain here in McHenry County. She currently serves as a member of the Cary Citizens Police Academy, as a Bernie 2016 community volunteer, on the National Night Out Committee and was appointed as the Algonquin 46 Precinct Committeeman for the Democratic Party of McHenry County.







Kathryn has exceptional foresight and interpersonal collaboration skills along with experience in organizational management and negotiation that will serve the community when she is elected to the county board. Her commitment to transparency and inclusion in government for all citizens is paramount for effective representation on the board while her critical review of spending will promote fiscal responsibility for our county.


A Candidate for Real People

Kathryn is a candidate who truly represents the people of McHenry County: Mom, wife, volunteer and dedicated to our community.


Kathryn shares our concern for high property taxes and seeks to ensure residents aren’t faced with the burden of being taxed out of their homes.

  • Ensure monies governed by the County Board are spent judiciously and only for vital services necessary for the community
  • Protect children and the interests of working families who provide for them
  • Help seniors maintain their dignity, help veterans get much needed healthcare support and job assistance. Protect them from privatization efforts that threaten their continuation of care
  • Stop wasteful spending and return the county to a lean model unburden by patronage policies that currently plague decision-making
  • Grow existing community service collaboration programs that serve residents with mental health concerns, addiction, physical limitation and access to care
  • Help ensure residents have affordable housing resources suited to the quality of life McHenry County provides while stabilizing our aging population migration and attracting families to the area
  • Encourage the political process to be more inclusive so that all citizens can participate in decision making processes by creating an open exchange of ideas, seriously considering all concerns, and making committee agendas and meeting schedules more accessible


Kathryn believes that conservation, in many forms, is vital to a vibrant community and an essential component to healthy families while also helping keep the cost of living low. She shares a common goal to have a lasting, positive effect both socially and environmentally.

  • Using the influence of civic leadership to promote a back to basics, sustainable, “go green,” “shop local” culture with emphasis on conservation of resources
  • Working to preserve our history and cultural heritage here in McHenry County and our shared cultural experience in Illinois
  • Promoting sustainable, organic farming methods and co-op initiatives across the county
  • Ensuring the protection of our aquifers and help defend residents from encroachment from irresponsible business practices and industries that threaten our vital water supplies
  • Working with local conservation experts to ensure our limited water resources are balanced with community growth initiatives in a responsible manner
  • Working with residents and businesses to drive down their current energy costs by helping to increase access to clean renewable energy resources and the jobs they create
  • Promoting educational programs and tourism to help the county while keeping costs down for residents